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Although AutoCAD is the most popular CAD program, there are many other CAD applications that provide different features. This page lists the top 11 CAD applications for 2017.

AutoCAD. This is the number one CAD program of all time. An integral part of Autodesk’s (AutoCAD’s) entire suite of engineering and drafting software, AutoCAD is by far the most popular CAD package in use today. It’s comprehensive design and drafting tools, including powerful 3D modelling, make it the go-to solution for anyone designing products, buildings, or components of machinery.

2D CAD. 2D CAD is the most commonly used 2D CAD application. Built into most 2D CAD packages are some form of CAD model viewer for 2D drawings, allowing the 2D CAD operator to interact with the drawings and view the drawings on a 2D CAD screen. They can view the drawings directly on-screen, print out the drawings, or save the drawings to disk. 2D CAD packages also come with 2D CAD or DGN format file converters.

2D CAD apps are usually more restricted in terms of tool functionality. Most 2D CAD programs only have a limited number of drawing tools that include basic linetypes, arrows, bevels, custom lines, and arcs. Additionally, most 2D CAD packages come with limited extensibility for third-party extension tools. For instance, some 2D CAD packages have file import and export capabilities for importing and exporting files, but the resulting files cannot be opened by other 2D CAD packages.

2D CAD apps are usually slower and less feature-rich than their 3D counterparts, and so they are more suitable for less experienced users.

3D CAD. 3D CAD is the application of choice for most engineering and architecture designers. The reason is that most designers work with geometric solids in 3D space, rather than with 2D drawings on a computer screen. 3D CAD programs are capable of handling much more geometry than 2D CAD programs, and are also capable of handling more diverse geometries.

3D CAD programs use an object-oriented model to create geometric solids, also known as geometries. A geometry is the representation of a solid object or volume of space. Objects are geometric solids that contain faces, edges, and vertices (in 3D), or lines and arcs (in 2D). A vertex is the smallest possible geometric point.

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AutoCAD was the first CAD application to support object-oriented programming, called AutoLISP. When all of the programming languages were supporting object-oriented programming, Autodesk used to call it AutoLISP. However, its successor AutoLISP became Auto-LISP which was called RADLISP and became an AutoCAD Extended LISP API. When LISP became part of AutoCAD, it became AutoCAD LISP. With the introduction of.NET in AutoCAD 2007, the LISP programming became largely obsolete. In late 2012, Autodesk introduced ObjectARX as the new LISP language, which is more object-oriented than.NET.

It is used for plug-ins, automation of drawing tasks, and functions such as tracing and measurement.

With AutoLISP, programmers can create AutoCAD-compatible plugins using their own programming language. AutoLISP can also be used in Visual LISP.

With the introduction of the Microsoft Visual Studio in AutoCAD 2012, the underlying programming environment was renamed from “AutoLISP” to “AutoLISP for Visual Studio” in AutoCAD 2013, and “AutoLISP for.NET” in AutoCAD 2014.

.NET is a framework that helps to automate the development of software components, which can then be inserted into an application. With Visual LISP, one can write code in a traditional programming language, such as VBScript, using a visual environment. Visual LISP can also be used to develop plugins for AutoCAD, as well as other applications.

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Visual LISP
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Visual Studio


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Game of Thrones: The Other Characters

It’s been a while since my last Game of Thrones update, so I figured it’s time I bring you another quick update on all the other characters.

Because of Season 1’s finale, the Game of Thrones season two story continues from a few different perspectives. Sansa and Jon Snow, along with Tyrion, Dany, and Jon’s bastard brother, Bran, are all fighting for control of Winterfell in order to stop Jon’s siblings from burning down the north. Daenerys has returned to the Dothraki, but that doesn’

What’s New in the?

Markup Import and Markup Assist will be available in AutoCAD 2.3.1.

Major Changes in AutoCAD 200X:

Professional-grade modeling:

AutoCAD was built to scale with your growth. The 200X products continue to bring new tools and features for all modeling and drafting tasks.

New libraries, user interface, and enhanced workflows:

New libraries to help you work faster. With the latest UI improvements, you can now work with AutoCAD using more ergonomic methods. Enhanced workflows help you work smarter.

New workflows and user interface:

AutoCAD’s new modeling tools, user interface, and methods of interaction will give you a new way to make your modeling and drafting faster.

3D models and drawings:

3D functionality and the 3D Modeling API are available for you to create 3D models in your drawings. AutoCAD is the only vector-based CAD program to create 3D objects from 3D models and drawings. You can also now save 3D objects into a new type of DWG file format, DWGx3D, and import the 3D objects into other CAD programs.


Multi-CAD is integrated into AutoCAD. Now, you can switch between multiple compatible applications at the same time, no matter which CAD application you’re using. You can also attach and interact with multi-CAD files from other applications.

Rapid changes:

Quickly and easily create updates to your drawing models. Drag updates onto an existing model to make them, and save them to a DWG file format. (video: 1:12 min.)

The 200X products continue to bring new tools and features for all modeling and drafting tasks.

See the full article to read about the new 3D functionality, the new libraries, enhanced workflows, new workflows and user interface, new 3D objects, and the Multi-CAD.

Mac OSX:

The Mac is a significant platform for AutoCAD, both at home and at the office. AutoCAD is the first vector-based CAD application available on the Mac. AutoCAD now comes with new features to meet the needs of users on the Mac.

Document Management:

Import and export better to and from the native Apple PDF format. Use

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

The above is a list of requirements needed to play the game. The minimum requirements listed are the bare minimum requirements to play the game.
The following requirements are not mandatory and can be satisfied in some manner during game play.
Minimum requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon X2
Memory: At least 256MB RAM
CPU clock speed: 400 MHz
Graphics card: 1024 x 768 32-bit resolution, 32 bit

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