Paint is known to be one of the simplest applications out there, but even this particular tool has way more to offer when it comes to features than we know and serves a good deal of purposes. If for any reason you are looking for a program similar to Paint but way more rudimentary, you've found it. Orange Codec Paint advertises itself as a painting tool, but it is more like a sketcher than anything else.
Not impressive at all
This app is old. You can tell that by the interface, which cannot be resized, or it can, but not the work area. Compared to Paint, this app is almost a blank screen with a couple of buttons.
Annoying aspects
A painting app is a bit of a stretch as a description. How so? Well, the first clue is color availability. You can only use blue or red for your sketches, no other choices in between.
The main and only tool seems to be the pen, even though that's not mentioned anywhere. The buttons that should control the pen's thickness are in place, but not functional. The + button changes nothing, even if pressed multiple times. And things can get worse. The – button crashes the application if pressed, so you better avoid that area altogether.
Can it be tweaked?
The skinny toolbar seems to be having only two points of interest. The Clear button, which works fine, removing any sketch when deployed, and the Options menu. Sadly, the Options menu isn't responding in the current version, so we have no idea if it can be customized.
Bottom line
Orange Codec Paint is definitely far from a painting tool. With its current limitations and issues, it can only serve as a digital canvas for toddlers to sketch things on. Other than that, it requires critical work to be considered a helpful program.







Orange Codec Paint

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Android 2.3 or higher version
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Orange Codec Paint Free Download

A simple and easy-to-use painting app

One of the first apps available in the US market

Touch-friendly interface, can be resized

Allows for 256MB in-app purchases

Offered in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Android Testers: This app has not yet been tested by the Android Testers team. It would be great if you took a moment to download this app and try it for yourself.

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Ratings & Reviews

3.2 out of 5

1.5K Ratings

1.5K Ratings

, 07/15/2014

One of the dumbest apps I’ve seen

I still like it because I bought it, but, to be honest, it’s one of the dumbest apps I’ve seen. It’s not a painting app. You can’t even zoom in or out. For a $3.99 app it’s just not worth it.

, 07/15/2014

One of the dumbest apps I’ve seen

I still like it because I bought it, but, to be honest, it’s one of the dumbest apps I’ve seen. It’s not a painting app. You can’t even zoom in or out. For a $3.99 app it’s just not worth it.

, 08/13/2013


I purchased one of these because my nephew wanted me to. I thought, ‘that’s cute, someone else is trying out this app’. I was wrong.
The NOTHING you need in a painting app is in this app!
Its a totally useless app, just because you can print a picture with the use of a printer doesn’t make it a painting app. I know this because I saw an app called ‘Drawing Pad’ when I was having a look through the app store, it has a ‘painting’ feature to it.
This app is terrible! I take it back.

Orange Codec Paint Crack Serial Number Full Torrent [April-2022]

Purpose: Receive the art formed and easily learn a new art form.
Design goal: To create an art organizer and a good tool to learn art.
What’s in it? Let’s check that out.
Art organizer:
An Art organizer contains a selection of objects. Let’s say it’s a pencil, brush, eraser, box of crayons, and a palette. Those are the basic objects.
Each of them has a specific purpose, and this results in a variety of art forms.
The pencil can draw; the brush can paint with colors; the box can be used as a palette; and the eraser allows to erase things.
All of these are accessible through an Art organizer and can be selected from the palette.
This app came out as a flow of events and has only recently been tested and released. It is under active development and consists of nothing but the main workspace.
In the center of this workspace is the organizer, which has 7 locations.
In the middle of each location is a pencil, brush, palette, box, eraser, and paper. Those are your basic objects and an Art organizer. They can be moved around.
And that is it. All the work is contained within the organizer.
Different colors of paint are available for you to use, and each color corresponds to a specific workspace.
The blue desktop is for sketching.
The green desktop is for painting.
And so on.
Learning new things
When starting a new project, it begins with a sketch. For the sake of simplicity, this is only an image. You just have to make the window white and clear it.
Art Organizer to my surprise
This is just a sketch of the foreground. My first art project was my first painting. I was very pleased with the results.
The choices for materials that can be used are:
Box of crayons
The Brush
Art Organizer
The objects can be made using the combinations that I will describe below.
The Pencil
Select the pencil tool. Click anywhere inside the workspace and drag it out. You’re done.
The Brush
There are two primary controls. The brush can be the paint color or the brush shape.
The brush color is found in the colors palette. Choose the paint color you want to use from the palette, then click somewhere inside the workspace to use it.
The brush shape comes

What’s New in the Orange Codec Paint?

With Orange Codec Paint, you can take a photo and import it to your canvas. Then, you can add text, layers, brush and color to your photos. Your photo will be saved as a JPEG file with transparent background.

If you prefer your color to be mixed with a gray, add more color below the new color dialog. Or, you can change your color with a tap of your finger.

There are a bunch of editing tools and effects to be found in Orange Codec Paint. Learn more about them in our help center.

Look, we know what you need. You need Paint – the simple painting tool that doesn’t require any crazy license. If Orange Codec Paint is what you’re looking for, please get over to the Google Play Store. But you’d better know that not everybody is as big of an artist as you are.Timeline of Flagstaff, Arizona

The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.

19th century

1860s – Town founded in far northern Arizona Territory.
1867 – State of Arizona created.
1871 – Population: 1,346 (estimate).
1885 – Arizona Sentinel newspaper begins publication.
1886 – Tailrace Water Power Company established.
1887 – Davison’s Hotel in business.
1888 – Phoenix Gazette newspaper begins publication.
1890s – Postal service begins.
1891 – First telephone service in city.
Beale’s Military Road Museum established.
Fort Whipple built near town.
1893 – City incorporated.
1894 – “First year of the Arizona weather.”
1895 – Arizona Republican newspaper begins publication.
1897 – First Baptist Church formed.
1900 – Population: 8,761.

20th century

1907 – Harvey House in business.
1908 – Riverside School founded.
1913 – Arizona State Capitol built.
1916 – City becomes county seat of Coconino County.
1917 – Arizona Theatre built in downtown.
University of Arizona founded.
Arizona Theatre League (later Arizona Theatre Company) formed.
1920 – Population: 15,821.
1921 – Arizona Historical Society founded.
1922 – American Veterans of Foreign Wars, Arizona Territory Post established.
1929 – Arizona Daily Sun newspaper begins publication.
1930 – University of Arizona Press established.
1931 – Lakeside High School active.
1933 – Winslow Daily Courier newspaper begins publication.
1935 – Arizona

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.11
Mac OS X 10.12
Mac OS X 10.13
Mac OS X 10.14
Mac OS X 10.15
PlayStation®4 (version 1.10.0 and up)
* The minimum OS and installed firmware version for PlayStation®4 varies by region.
* Title update is required for PlayStation®4.
* In addition to the mandatory

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