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A mysterious yard sale sends a Vietnam vet on a mission to save his counterpart, a vet from the Afghanistan war.

When Marybeth, a secondhand shop owner, acquires an old army helmet and some love letters at a mysterious yard sale, she doesn’t know where to start. Visions of a young soldier’s departure for war are seared into her brain. The soldier’s plea to save my son’s life swirl in her head. At the same time Marybeth’s boyfriend, Josh, gets a cryptic message from his deceased mother, and drives the four hours from Connecticut to Pennsylvania to check in on her. Together they begin to unravel the mystery set in motion by the yard sale. When they enlist the help of her father Sean, a Vietnam vet, they find themselves way out of their league.

A SOLDIER’S LAST MISSION is the sequel to Marie LeClaire’s debut novel THE LAST YARD SALE.

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Four enchanted yard sale treasures show a lonely shop owner the way back to love.

When Marybeth stumbles upon an extraordinary yard sale, she has no idea how much her life is about to change. Psychic visions explode in her mind as she touches each of four items for sale. Reluctantly, she takes them home. One by one, the objects and the visions reveal family secrets that force her to re-examine who she is. With a little heart and some dry humor, she forges ahead. Meanwhile Josh Anderson, a lonely writer, breaks free from his self-imposed isolation to undertake a heartbreaking task of his own. When their business relationship turns romantic, they both struggle with old fears. Will she be able to let go of the past and open herself up to love again? Will he?

Marie LeClaire’s debut novel, THE LAST YARD SALE, takes a deep dive into the magical realism genre and provides readers with a new kind of story!